In the meantime, you can also check out the sounds from the last year’s eruption – no drones and helicopters there 🙂

And the sound of flowing lava

You probably wonder, what is the sound of the current eruption in Iceland. It is powerful, impressive and very pristine. I recorded it from the distance so you know, what you can hear when you first see the volcano. I also went closer (maybe a bit too close) to lava. For now though, I don’t know if it is possible to record that sound without other noises. The amount of people, drones (I saw at least 10 drones right above me at the same time), not to mention helicopters and planes – it’s overwhelming. Nevertheless, the majesty of this phenomenon is breathtaking. For me, being near a volcano is always associated with a lot of mixed emotions – excitement, fear, joy, emotion. Listen to the sound at the link and see the photos of Magdalena Łukasiak, because they are great 🙂

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