fot. Magdalena Łukasiak

Kaśka Paluch

Noise From Iceland is an artistic-documentary project, trying to find an answer to the „what is the sound of Iceland?” question. One of the inspirations to start this was a meeting with visually impaired tourist, who was joining my tour in Raufarhólshellir lava cave. I learned from her, that Iceland is not only beautiful views, but also textures and sounds.

That made me decide to collect sounds and create an audio map of the island. The sound here is rich. However, I quickly realized that the noise is prevailing.

I am a musicologist, musician and music producer. My Noise From Iceland works were presented at, among others, Midpunkt Festival in Kópavogur, as a soundscape for photography exhibition in Hafnartorg, Reykjavik. They were also used by the Japanese Dumb Type collective at Biennale in Venezia (2021) and Ryuichi Sakamoto in his „Playback” composition, also exhibited in Haus der Kunst, Munich,

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