Every time I find myself in the Icelandic highlands, I am compelled to take a break from a few things. Firstly, there’s the internet – the interior region has scarce connectivity, so my phone remains off most of the time. Additionally, since there’s no electricity available, my only power source for a few days is […]

Volcanic eruption in Iceland: Season 3 Episode 3

The volcano this year is exceptionally unique. It is characterized by its dramatic, dangerous, and unapproachable nature, engulfing vast amounts of moss as if to deter any human presence. This time, the eruption is no laughing matter, putting an end to barbecues over flowing lava and festivals and picnics. It has fostered a deep respect […]

Fagradalsfjall Volcano – Season 3 Episode 1 (2023)

“I need to calm down” – I told my wife as we learned about the volcano eruption. I typically feel an intense urge to immediately go to the eruption site, which sometimes feels unhealthy. Before the eruption I had planned to go for a run on Hengifell mountain (15 km, 700 m elevation). So I […]

Do We Hear Earthquakes? Unraveling the Sound of Seismic Activity

In recent times, the city of Reykjavik has been experiencing a heightened seismic activity, capturing the attention of both residents and scientists alike. This surge in earthquakes is linked to the potential eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. As the ground rumbles beneath their feet, locals have been witnesses […]

Breiðamerkursandur (Diamond Beach)

Get ready for an extraordinary journey as we step foot on the captivating Diamond Beach, where the mighty ocean meets mesmerizing ice. It’s truly incredible how people from around the globe flock here to witness the raw power of nature. And just imagine – the ice you’ll find on this beach is anything but ordinary. […]

Summer Solstice

Yesterday, Iceland experienced its longest day of the year on June 21st, known as the summer solstice. During June, the sun doesn’t set at all, causing some confusion with sleep and routines. However, I’ve grown to love the constant daylight and the melodic, lively nights. Join me in listening to the midnight sun in Reykjavik!


Herdísarvík is a small bay and abandoned farm on the south coast of Reykjanes, Iceland. It was a remote location, accessible by foot, horseback, or small boats. The area has a rich history, including winter fishing and a prosperous farm. Einar Benediktsson, a famous writer, lived there until his death in 1940 with his wife. […]


I added Djúpivogur to my map—a new red dot! This year’s ring road trip brought us to this charming town in East Iceland, famous for its bustling harbor. One of its highlights is the Elves Church, a fascinating rock formation. Around 9 p.m., I enjoyed a serene moment by the harbor, accompanied by the gentle […]

Summer in Iceland: the sound

How does Icelandic summer sound? I often get a question regarding the difference between Iceland in the summer and wintertime. And always say that it is a completely different planet. In the winter – all covered in snow, dark, mostly quiet, when it’s not stormy. Summer is pretty loud. Birds are coming back. There is […]

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