Noise From The Volcano: Meridalur

It wasn’t easy to get up at 4 a.m. after just 4 hours of sleep and go for a hike. It was worth it though: by the volcano, just a few people, everyone quietly enjoying the majesty of the nature. We were sitting like, in the cold and in the rain, but mesmerized by this […]

The sound of Fagradalsfjall volcano – August 2022

In the meantime, you can also check out the sounds from the last year’s eruption – no drones and helicopters there 🙂 And the sound of flowing lava You probably wonder, what is the sound of the current eruption in Iceland. It is powerful, impressive and very pristine. I recorded it from the distance so […]

Volcano in Iceland

I did it. I was there. With tears in my eyes because that was my dream. Flowing lava really sounds like broken glass. And, you hear, it was very close to people. The near-cosmic temperature, gas clogging the breath, could not be held there for long. This is the sound of a volcanic eruption in […]

How does volcano at the magic hour sound?

Does the volcano sound different when you visit it by hitting the so-called golden hour? I am sure it does. It’s summer in Iceland, the sun is almost not set – it is bright until 11 pm, and before 5 am it is dawn again. We made it to Geldingadalur yesterday when the sun was […]


One of the three craters (next to Rauðbrók and Smábrók) of the same seven-kilometer eruption crevice, formed around 3,400 years ago. Located in West Iceland. Before I went there for the first time, I drove by him many times and always looked at him mesmerized. Regular shape, eye-catching black color. The view from Grábrók to […]