Fagradalsfjall Volcano – Season 3 Episode 1 (2023)

“I need to calm down” – I told my wife as we learned about the volcano eruption. I typically feel an intense urge to immediately go to the eruption site, which sometimes feels unhealthy. Before the eruption I had planned to go for a run on Hengifell mountain (15 km, 700 m elevation). So I […]

Noise From The Volcano: Meridalur

It wasn’t easy to get up at 4 a.m. after just 4 hours of sleep and go for a hike. It was worth it though: by the volcano, just a few people, everyone quietly enjoying the majesty of the nature. We were sitting like, in the cold and in the rain, but mesmerized by this […]

Lava: close meeting

I know there’s a lot of volcano here. However, admit that this is a historic event and it is worth listening to it closely at every possible opportunity. Especially that this place is changing at an incredible pace. Where there was no lava a week ago, today there is a huge field that has cut […]

Sound of flowing lava

This is how the flowing and solidifying lava sounds. I recorded it under the volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland.

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