I know there’s a lot of volcano here. However, admit that this is a historic event and it is worth listening to it closely at every possible opportunity. Especially that this place is changing at an incredible pace. Where there was no lava a week ago, today there is a huge field that has cut the trail. Today let’s listen to the lava up close.

The beginning of the recording is slowly flowing pahoehoe lava. The rest is sharp, extremely slow and loud AA’ lava.

p.s. walking close to cooling lava is dangerous. At any moment, its fragments can be pushed out by fresh, flowing lava, and this is unpredictable. Therefore, in the vicinity of the phenomenon, only my recorder remained, and I – at a safer distance. At the end of the recording you will hear something collapsing and I quickly take the recorder 😉 (after all, the lava did not flow out at the point of the break)

fot. Magdalena Łukasiak

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