The sky has gone mad. The forecasts proved correct and from around 10 pm the amazing aurora spectacle began, which quickly took over the entire sky. She was green, she was red, she was dancing, she was wearing a crown. It is difficult for me to describe how impressed I was with it and I always am when I see the aurora, it is so intense. And the sounds? The northern lights have their own sound, generated by electrical discharges. Closer to the Pole, this can be heard with the naked ear. There is no such possibility in Iceland, but it does not mean that observing the aurora is not accompanied by other sounds. For me, communing with the Aurora is the sounds of birds, the constant hum of cars from a distant city, which is louder in the middle of the night, and the sound of the camera shutter. This night was a bit different, because there were the sounds of fireworks, which are fired up in Iceland a lot, and people who usually are …not there… but yesterday, I think everyone went outside watching the sky go wild. So, I’m taking you for a few minutes to yesterday’s frosty night outside Reykjavik.

fot. Magdalena Lukasiak

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