I admit that I did not appreciate this waterfall. I even apologized to it for that (yes, I stood in front of it and said aloud: sorry to you, waterfall). For the first time, although I have lived in Iceland for almost 5 years, I dared to walk around it, that is to enter a large cave in its “back room”. Usually people came out of there wet, and somehow I was never ready for it. It turned out that behind the Seljalandsfoss stream it is maybe wet, but also very nice – intimate, as if you could hide there from the world. Seljalandsfoss flows from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, the same glacier where the world-famous volcano is dormant. It also has a very characteristic, “scratching” sound, which is made by the water hitting the rocks just below your feet.

This field recording from Iceland was recorded in the ambisonic technique, i.e. in a 360-degree space. I record the waterfall while walking, so I encourage you to listen to it with headphones so that you can feel like you are walking with me 🙂

fot. Magdalena Lukasiak
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