By this time of year, sheep should have come off the mountains, pastures and other places where they roam all summer. Due to the fact that Icelandic sheep is quite insensitive to harsh weather conditions, in summer animals are released slowly and only in September they are herded into the farms. Often, all the breeders’ friends and even tourists take part in such an event. Before that, however, they can be found on the road – that’s why, with Icelanders’ favorite black mood, sheep are called the only dangerous animals on the island. The animals graze on the street, because the grass there is usually salty. They are not afraid of cars, so when traveling around the island often you just have to stop and wait for them to graciously leave. It is counted that there are two sheep for each inhabitant, because there are over 800,000 of them.

Icelandic Sheep Field Recording
Icelandic Sheep Field Recording
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