When I talked to the people of Iceland (and they were not only Icelanders) about the sounds from the island, I remembered the question of whether the sounds of the waterfalls could be distinguished. – Of course they can – said the friend – I live near Gullfoss, so I know exactly what it sounds like. Gullfoss rumbles. And Skogafoss, for example, hisses like a shower.

Well, I was in the shower a few days ago. The parking lot at Skogafoss, if there is no pandemic, is usually crowded. This time there was one car on it. Another arrived, the owner of which was taking photos of the camper with the waterfall in the background. We waited until he was done, so as not to fall into his frame. – We can share! – he announced happily with a characteristic Icelandic accent – We are alone here. Incredible, right?

Incredible indeed. When I first came to Skogafoss, at the very beginning of the pandemic, the weather was dark, so the void had an even more post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear atmosphere. This time the weather was good, a rainbow appeared at the waterfall. The recording turned out interesting, in my opinion. And the photos look like they are from a Windows’ wallpaper, but I can assure you – it really happened.

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fot. Magdalena Łukasiak

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