Iceland is called the land of ice and fire. We’ve all been living on fire for two weeks now – an eruption continues and today a new rift has opened. But I spent the last few days in the land of ice, near the Vatnajokull glacier, specifically the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. When I got there the temperature felt was 15 degrees Celsius (on plus!). While recording this sound, I inhaled the scent of icy water, ice and sand, with my eyes closed, my face in the sun. I felt calm. That is why today the sound is exceptionally long for a map and downloadable, because I would like you to listen to it at home, perhaps to sleep, loop the sound if you need it. Try to imagine that you are in this icy yet very warm land. And to feel the same peace. Preferably on headphones, because I recorded the sound with a mid-side microphone for the fullest rendering of space in the sound.

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