What Happens When You Feel an Earthquake in the Capital District? Everyone goes to the Meteorological Office website to see where the epicenter was and what the strength of the quake was. Therefore, today the vedur.is website has collapsed. Because the earthquake was so powerful that it was felt very clearly in the capital, in the south, and even on the islands of Vestmannaeyjar. And everyone wanted to see what happened. I was on my way back from Krísuvík, where I was recording the hot river and fumaroles of the Seltún volcano, when I got the message: “the earthquake was, solid, I felt it”. I stopped the car, went to the weather site and checked. In fact, the bump had an extremely rare force: 5.7. I was looking for the source on the map…
The epicenter of the quake was in Krísuvík. And I didn’t feel anything because I was in the car.
Well, next time I guess.

hotspring in Krysuvik

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