I think I can now share with you the information that I am starting work on a new idea – a sound map and an album dedicated to one of the most mysterious – in my opinion – places in Iceland: Heimaey island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. It has a dark history – in 1973 the eruption of the Eldfell volcano forced all the inhabitants of the island to evacuate, and the houses covered with lava dust – abandoned in a hurry – can be seen there to this day. Heimaey is sometimes called the “Icelandic Pompeii”.

I hope that you will be able to hear and see the effect of this work in the fall or winter of this year. I already know it won’t be easy. The first recordings were a fight with equipment and wind, as if the island wanted to tell me that I had to tame it first. It will be a challenge, but I’m excited.

The sound from Vikin Beach, far south of Heimaey, joins the Noise From Iceland map. The next ones will be on Noise From Heimaey.

By the way – the cottage in this photo is the house of my dreams 🙂

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Photo Magdalena Łukasiak

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