One of the more difficult sounds to catch – the Háifoss waterfall in southwestern Iceland. To reach it, it takes two hours by car from Reykjavik, including a dozen or so minutes on a very bumpy road, and then eight kilometers by foot through the mountains *. Although, one would like to say, these are not the mountains, but the scenery from a fairy tale. According to legends, the Fossárdalur valley, where the waterfall is located, is inhabited by ogres that fish there. They must not be disturbed, as one boy who camped in the valley found out. For fun, he threw a stone into the river and the ogres, offended by it, wanted to devour it. Fortunately, his friend saved him from that. Besides, the valley is famous for having several scenes for Game of Thrones filmed in the area. The waterfall is 121 meters high and is probably Iceland’s third tallest waterfall. Its name in Icelandic means “high waterfall”.

* It was only while writing this description that I learned that you can also reach the waterfall by driving to the upper parking lot: D but that’s nothing, the beauty of the hike is rewarded by one hundred percent difficult!

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