It is calming down with the volcano for now. “It will explode for sure, but we don’t know when.” Earthquakes are still going on and I would like to mention them, or rather to record them. Because when we hear about earthquakes, we see scenes from the movies: the house is teleported, the earth is parting, bricks fall on the head. In fact, the quake lasts a maximum of a few seconds, usually less. Sometimes objects tremble, sometimes it feels like the chair you are sitting on has started to float. Sometimes you hear a quake, a bit like a train passing outside the window. But often you can’t hear anything, you can only feel it. And it’s not always vibrations – rather rocking.

Today I set up the recorder in an empty room, recorded for several hours in long. During lunch, I felt my chair rocking, and after waiting a while (in case there were any aftershocks) I ran to the studio to see if anything was recorded. I opened the sound in the editor and saw clearly a few lumps in the wave and a line. This dash was some object that had probably tipped over. The lumps, on the other hand, I couldn’t hear. I raised the low frequencies a bit and then I could actually hear something. Or, in fact, feel it, because the sound is so low that it’s more like vibrations reaching the head. When it comes to the speakers – you can hear it, as long as the speakers have reasonably good bass. Nothing is happening on the iPhone speaker.

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I think about it all the time, but I seem to have captured this unique earthquake phenomenon in this recording, which you cannot hear but feel. That is why I recommend listening with headphones, preferably earphones. Make yourself an Icelandic earthquake in your head 🙂

Anyway, that’s not my last word. The recorder will still work, maybe someday it will be possible to record something more obvious.

(The earthquake had magnitude 3.5 and happened in 1,0 km SSA aoff Fagradalsfjalli on March 4 2021 at 12:54 PM)

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