Today I am taking you to the Búrfell crater in Hafnarfjörður, specifically the lava cave, which is located in part of the lava canal (Búrfellsgjá). The crater is part of the Krýsuvík volcanic system, the same one that shook so badly a few days ago. Búrfell is an example of a volcanic cone. The cone is made of pyroclastic materials and lava that solidify to the surface during a central eruption. That is why Búrfell is full of treasures – scoria stones covered with volcanic glass or red pieces of solidified lava. The trail to the top of the crater leads in the middle of the lava canal, i.e. the outflow in which several lava tunnels have been created. I recorded the sound during one of the stormy days, the wind was blowing at 45 km / h.

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