Today I am taking you to the most popular place in Iceland – the Blue Lagoon. To explain, it’s a geothermal pool that owes its milky-blue color to the richness of minerals. There is a geothermal power plant nearby, which was to supply heat to nearby Grindavik. After its construction, it turned out that the water is so dense (with minerals) that it cannot be led (as is the case with other similar power plants) directly to houses, it must be cleaned first. The “waste” lands in the swimming pool where you can bathe and take care of your skin and joints. The average water temperature is around 37-39 degrees Celsius.

About 700,000 tourists visit Blue Lagoon every year, which is almost every second person coming to Iceland.

Today the parking lot in front of the lagoon was completely empty. Everything closed. Not a single person inside. Only the roar of the 80 km/h wind and a splash of hot water.

fot. Magdalena Łukasiak

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