“Noise From Iceland – Hidden People” is a collaborative project between field recording artist Kaśka Paluch and photographer Magdalena Łukasiak. The exhibition aims to showcase the rich sensory experiences of Icelandic nature, folklore, and cultural heritage through a carefully curated collection of photographs, audio recordings, and musical compositions. With a strong focus on inclusivity, the exhibition also provides descriptions of each photograph in Braille.

Exhibition Plan:
The exhibition comprises three pairs of photographs, each paired with a specially composed musical piece. The photographs by Magdalena Łukasiak capture the essence of Icelandic folklore and the Hidden People. They are displayed in large format to immerse viewers in the enchanting beauty of Iceland’s landscapes and mythical stories.

The musical pieces draw inspiration from Icelandic folk tales found in the archival recordings of Ísmús (íslenskur músík- og menningararfur) catalogue. By incorporating these traditional narratives into the composition, we aim to share the beauty of Icelandic folklore with a wider audience.

The Hidden People exhibition in Egilsstaðir

Kaśka Paluch:

Noise From Iceland is an artistic-documentary project led by a talented musicologist, musician, and music producer. Inspired by a transformative encounter with a visually impaired tourist during a tour of Raufarhólshellir lava cave, the project aims to explore the question, “What is the sound of Iceland?” It was through this encounter that the realization dawned that Iceland is not only renowned for its breathtaking views, but also for its diverse textures and captivating sounds.

One of the compositions for the exhibition:

Driven by a passion for capturing the essence of the Icelandic soundscape, the project creator embarked on a journey to collect and curate a comprehensive audio map of the island. The objective was to highlight the richness and depth of the sounds found throughout Iceland. However, in the process, it became evident that noise often overshadowed the subtler sonic elements.

With a background in musicology and an extensive musical repertoire, the project creator seamlessly merged their expertise to craft the remarkable works of Noise From Iceland. These works have been presented at prestigious events and exhibitions, including the Midpunkt Festival in Kópavogur, where they served as captivating soundscapes for photography exhibitions in Hafnartorg, Reykjavik. Furthermore, the works gained recognition and were utilized by esteemed artists such as the Japanese Dumb Type collective at the Biennale in Venezia (2021) and Ryuichi Sakamoto in his composition, “Playback,” showcased at the renowned Haus der Kunst in Munich.

Noise From Iceland stands as a testament to the project creator’s dedication to capturing the unique auditory tapestry of Iceland, while also raising awareness of the significance of sound as an integral part of the island’s identity.

Magdalena Łukasiak:

Magdalena Łukasiak is a highly accomplished photographer and documentarian, specializing in press, advertising, and publishing photography. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Magdalena Łukasiak has established a reputation for her exceptional skills and keen eye for capturing compelling visuals.

A graduate of Press, Advertising, and Publishing Photography from the University of Warsaw, Magdalena Łukasiak has honed her craft through extensive practice and continuous learning. Her dedication to photography has led her to delve into the world of reportage, where she has excelled in storytelling through images.

Throughout her career, Magdalena Łukasiak’s photographs and videos have found recognition and publication in reputable media outlets such as National Geographic Traveler,, TVN24, RÚV, and Morgunblaðið. Her work has not only resonated with audiences but has also contributed to a broader understanding and appreciation of the subjects she has captured.

In addition to her impressive body of work, Magdalena Łukasiak has actively participated in group exhibitions both in Poland and Iceland. These exhibitions have served as platforms for her to showcase her artistic vision and share her unique perspectives with a wider audience.

Currently, Magdalena Łukasiak is focused on an ambitious documentary project centered around the sound map of Iceland. With her keen interest in exploring the diverse auditory landscapes of the country, Magdalena Łukasiak aims to capture the essence of Icelandic sounds and their significance in creating a comprehensive and immersive experience for viewers.

Driven by a passion for visual storytelling and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, Magdalena Łukasiak continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences through her remarkable work in photography and documentary filmmaking.

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