This will be my favorite sound from map. Because of the way it sounds and the recording process itself, combined with petting these sweethearts. Icelandic horses are one of the most characteristic landmarks of the local scenery, whether in winter or summer. But in winter they are fluffy – in their winter fur – and they look more like ponies, which is not allowed to call these horses 🙂 Because they may be quite small, but very durable, and apart from such gaits as walk, trot and canter, they can also move by amblit and the gait called tölt. With the latter, the rider can safely drink beer and not spill it 🙂

I often get questions about if and where you can listen to sounds from Iceland longer than a minute. Some of them don’t have more – I risk frostbite of all my limbs anyway, standing in the cold and wind for a minute without moving 😉 but some of the recordings are actually longer and will appear as a CD (digital). It will be possible to get it, for example, by supporting the project and the creation of a documentary on the crowdfunding website, which has just been launched.

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For listeners in Poland:


fot. Magdalena Łukasiak

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