This is maybe something to cool down now. I went to the volcano at dawn (because where else I could go…), unfortunately the strong wind and the big orange LOKAÐ sign at the entrance to the B trail and the low lava activity on the C trail prevented me from recording anything. But I managed to slide down a sandy hill and smash myself so hard that I keep my hand in the ice all day long. Did I mention that field recordings in Iceland are an extreme sport?

On the way back, a bit resigned and sore, I stopped at the beautiful Grænavatn Lake, which owes its unusual color to the high sulfur indicator in its depths. For such a small lake, its depth is astonishing – as much as 45 meters. This, according to geologists, is one of the great phenomena of Iceland. The lake is a remnant of a hydrothermal eruption 6,000 years ago.

I recorded the first part of the recording with an “ordinary” microphone, the second – with a tie microphone “recessed” between the rocks, almost reaching the water. Have a nice relax 🙂

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