Until 1918, Dyrhólaey was the southernmost point of Iceland. In that year, the title was taken away from him by the Katla eruption, which resulted in the creation of the Kötlutangi spit. There is a special story connected with this place.

fot. Magdalena Lukasiak

A year ago I was invited by one of the musicians of the múm band and Oda loudspeakers producers to prepare a live sound transmission from Iceland (whoever followed the profile probably remembers it). One of the places where we placed the microphone was Dyrhólaey. Personally, I did not go there then, but I listened to the sound at home and it caught me so much that I decided to record it at the first possible opportunity. This weekend at Dyrhólaey the field recording conditions were quite extreme, most of all the wind was very strong. But the sound still reflects the atmosphere.

fot. Magdalena Lukasiak

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